Dear Parents,
This Paragraph explains some of what we do, but no written account can do full justice to this. Positive involvement
by you, the parents, will help your child in their school career. Please show interest, not anxiety and offer
support rather than pressure.
We put all our effort into fostering a caring but disciplined environment in which your children will have the
best chance to learn and develop as individuals. You can be confident that the National Curriculum will be
delivered effectively without losing all the other benefits of school, both curricular and extra-curricular.
If things concern or worry you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your concern for your child is our business,
and parents are always welcome at EBIS! We very much look forward to working in partnership with you this
Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Sam El Saadani
Head of Key Stage 1

Year 1

Azza Sultan – 1A Class Teacher
Yousra Said – 1B Class Teacher – Head of Year
Lina Wadie – 1C Class Teacher
Nadia Omar – 1D Class Teacher
Camillia Zahery – 1E Class Teacher

Aya Kamal Year 1 Co-Teacher

Year 2

Christine Daoud – 2A Class Teacher
Nivine El Saadani –  2B Class Teacher – Head of Year
Monica Armanuse – 2C Class Teacher
Rasha Said – 2D Class Teacher
Fatma El Haroufy – 2E Class Teacher

Nermine El Hosseiny Year 2 Co-Teacher
Mariam El Kasaby Year 2 Co-Teacher
Farah El Sabban Year 2 Co-Teacher
Samar Maged Year 2 Co-Teacher
Nermeen Mohamed Year 2 Co-Teacher