Senior Leadership Team at EBIS

The Senior Leadership Team at EBIS is as follows:

  • Mr Mohamed Hassan – Administrative Manager
  • Mr Barry Searles – Principal
  • Mr Tim Hoban – Vice Principal
  • Ms Jay Wilmot – Head of Learning Support
  • Ms Joanne Beer – Assistant Headteacher
  • Ms Suzanne Halder – Head of Early Years & Foundation Stage
  • Mr Michael Bainbridge – Head of Primary
  • Ms Sam El Saadani – Head of Key Stage 1
  • Ms Yasmine Hassan –  Head of Key Stage 2
  • Mr Rhys Redman – Head of Key Stage 3
  • Mr David Kinsella – Head of Key Stage 4 Flame
  • Mr Nick Dyer – Head of Teaching and Learning
  • Ms Ghada Barsoum – Head of Key Stage 4 IG

Extended Management Team

The Primary Extended Management Team at EBIS is as follows:

1. Jay Wilmot – Head of Learning Support
2. Shelly Dewsnap – SENCO
3. YaraElTagoury– Head of Pastoral & Social Provision & Safeguarding
4. David Kinsella– Assessment& E-Safety
5. Nick Dyer – T&L
6. Rhys / Suzanne Professional Tutors
7. Joanne Beer – Engage
8. Mariam El Hadad – EYFS Nursery
9. EYFS Reception – Amal Serour
10. Head of Year 2 –Nivene El Saadani
11. Head of Year 1 – Yousra Said
12. Head of Year 3 – Lina Shokry
13. Head of Yr4 – Gehane El Etreby
14. Head of Yr 5 – Marwah El Kaban
15. Head of Yr6 – Marianne Shakour

The Secondary Extended Management Team at EBIS is as follows:

1. Jay Wilmot – Head of Learning Support
2. Joanne Beer – Assistant Headteacher
3. Nick Dyer – T&L
4. Rhys / Suzanne Professional Tutors
5. Shelly Deswnap: SENCO
6. Yara ElTagoury – Head of Pastoral & Social Provision& Safeguard
7. David Kinsella – Assessment & E-safety
8. Nada Popovic – Head of Music
9. Jane Kinsella – Head of English
10. Reham Fikry – Deputy Head of Humanities& Deputy Head KS4
11. Eiman Mazher– Head of Maths
12. Haidy Samir – Secondary French
13. Hassiba Bensmira – Primary French
14. Liz Deakin – Head of Science
15. Kevin Boddington – Head of Art & Photography
16. Essam Sabry – Head of Arabic
17. Mohamed Ezzat – Head of ESS
18. Nahla Tahsin – Head of German
19. Hany Sherrif – Teacher in charge of PE & Sport

Welcome to the Egypt British International School  (EBIS)

It is not easy to convey what a school stands for in just a few lines. As an International school we value academic achievement, but we also aim to develop the skills and talents of our students in as wide a range of fields as possible. We also take care to celebrate the individual success attained by our students away from school. These are many and varied and give us just as much pride as the achievements made through school provision.

Our school aims can be summed up in five words: Enrichment; Empowerment; Excellence; Empathy and Esteem. These aims underpin all we undertake in EBIS.

As you look through this Web-site you will see evidence of this and  will also find out what we teach and how we teach it, the opportunities and challenges that we provide, the care and guidance we give, and how all these components come together to make up the day-to-day experiences of an ordered and fulfilling school life.

This school has an excellent reputation in the community and this is due in no small measure to the way in which our pupils conduct themselves both in school and in the wider community.

We are proud of our school – our teachers are knowledgeable and dedicated, our classrooms are fully equipped, air-conditioned and provide a pleasant environment for learning, but we are proudest of all of our students. We as teachers do our best for them and they reward us with their youthful enthusiasm and inspiration. We strive to instil in all our pupils a love of learning. We know that if this can be achieved, all the rest will follow: good results, worthwhile career, fulfilled life – an important legacy to pass on to the next generation.

The world demands much from its citizens today and we at the Egypt British International School are dedicated to ensuring our pupils fulfil their potential in order to meet these demands.


Mr Barry Searles




Welcome to the Egypt British International School and its website.

The website is designed to give you an introduction to EBIS and the ethos of the school. It will only ever give you a sample of EBIS school life and my recommendation is always that you ask any specific questions you may have or visit us to experience it for yourself.

I am very fortunate in the position I have to be able to see the best aspects of EBIS from all of the Key Stages. EBIS as a ‘through school’ really does provide an opportunity for pupils to achieve an education covering all of their school life. As many have now proved this opportunity sets them up for future study or careers extremely well.

EBIS is a large school, on site we have close to 3000 students and the services and facilities that we have are expertly coordinated and managed to ensure the school day is efficient and well organized.  The School Board of Management is extremely supportive of us as an Academic division and there is no doubt that the recent development and improvement in all aspects of school life wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

Within EBIS we have dedicated, passionate and experienced staff. Our specialist departments are exactly that and are led by well qualified and experienced teachers. The classroom teachers within each Key Stage work tirelessly to ensure that every day is focused on pupil progress and achievement.

EBIS is unique in the opportunities it offers the staff with regard professional development. There is a dedicated school professional tutor who oversees the induction of new staff, the training and development of the newly qualified teachers and manages the in school based PGCE Programme accredited by Sunderland University.

All students are individually catered for within lessons, our staff make student involvement and differentiation a priority and the academic structure of the school provides clear support systems to allow the class teachers and co teachers to focus on progress and learning.

There is an outstanding Learning Support Department with its own dedicated classroom (a first in Egypt), the department includes a committed and professional Special Educational Needs Department and the school Safeguarding team who are in turn supported by the school Psychologist, Psychiatrist, medical team and the whole school Counselor.

EBIS is a school that everyone involved with is extremely proud of. It is unique in its blend of academic and administrative staff that complement each other so well. EBIS fully delivers the British National Curriculum blending the requirements of the Egyptian Ministry and embracing the heritage, culture and traditions of the pupils and the society in which it is based.

EBIS is a school to be proud of and a school in which everyone is valued, respected and understood. As I have said my perspective is a very fortunate one as I get to see the very best of everything that happens.

I look forward to welcoming you and to you being part of this vision in the future.

Tim Hoban

EBIS Vice Principal

I am proud to welcome you all to the Primary section of EBIS . With over one thousand children currently on roll we are the largest Primary school in Cairo with a well- deserved reputation for aiming to provide a high quality curriculum responsive to the needs of our children. As the newly appointed Head of Primary I want to emphasise just how fortunate we are to have such a strong team for 2018/19. It’s always been my belief throughout a thirty year career with seventeen spent as Headteacher both in the United Kingdom and abroad , that we are all leaders whether we be teachers, co-teachers, office staff or indeed anyone working in school that we all have an equally important part to play to every child’s education here at EBIS by working collaboratively with a common set of principles and language for learning that we will continue to share and develop on a day to day basis.

We are committed at EBIS to placing the child at the heart of all we do via a curriculum that will not only provide the knowledge and skills for life- long learning but also the ability to make good choices about learning , develop positive relationships with others including empathy and other key skills to cope with the demands of the twenty first century including adaptability , tolerance and mutual respect. This year we will also be introducing Global Studies to the primary curriculum to help further raise children’s awareness of global citizenship and the importance of understanding and appreciating other cultures, traditions and beliefs and to respect the rights of others . We are also seeking to develop opportunities for greater critical thinking throughout our curriculum. This year we invested in some of the most up to date training in the world to improve still further the children’s standard of literacy via the Read/Write/Inc program.

Our parents and community are key partners in this process and we are committed to working together to further improve links with home and school to promote and sustain a strong sense of community and to celebrate learning in partnership. We are also, as a school, committed to inclusion to ensure that all children make good progress regardless of their start points and that the individuality of each and every child is promoted via enrichment and personalisation of the curriculum.

We are totally committed at EBIS to helping to create a climate for learning that values the contributions of everyone in a mutually supportive way. To this end we have further strengthened the leadership in the Primary section with the promotion of Ms Sam El Sadanany and Ms Yasmine Hassan to Deputy Heads of Primary and respective Heads of Key Stage One and Two. We also have newly appointed Heads of year who will play a pivotal role in supporting all staff with every aspect of teaching and learning but particularly to ensure that there consistency in the judgements that we are making about each child’s progress . I am sure you will join with me in wishing them every success in their new roles. With even further support available from other key whole school leadership positions including a Head of Teaching and learning , Head of Assessment, Head of Pastoral and Head of Learning support this promises to be another very exciting year in the development and growth of EBIS.

Mike Bainbridge ( Head of Primary)

Five years ago, I was honoured to become the administrative manager for The International Schools Campus and proud and happy to be given the opportunity to manage such incredible schools.

During these five years EBIS and Concordia have flourished and grown at a spectacular rate, becoming well-respected providers of exceptionally high-quality educational services.

Much of this success is down to the dedication and hard work of both the highly-qualified staff and the highly motivated students.  However, the role of parents cannot be underestimated in this success and the special relationship between parents, students and both schools has created a unique and irrepressible bond which make EBIS and Concordia special.

Nothing has stopped us.  We have overcome enormous challenges and obstacles and I am certain that we shall continue to thrive and flourish and to move forward with even more determination and success in the future.

The quality and variety of resources we provide; the continuing professional development that all of our teachers participate in and the absolute belief staff have that each child is an individual with their own unique and individual needs will ensure that every child has the very best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Finally, the growth and the accomplishments that our schools have achieved are testament to the fact that they are places in which staff and students can (and do) take great pride.  EBIS and Concordia are our homes and I couldn’t be prouder of them and of their students’ achievements.