An Accredited School

The Lycee International Francais d’Egypte,  Concordia,  is a private school accredited by the French Ministry of Education from kindergarten to Terminale – grade 12. It is part of the network of the Agency for the French education abroad- AEFE.
Its curriculum includes Arabic and Social studies, following the Egyptian ministry of education.  Therefore our students can access  International but also Egyptian universities.
As far as our programme is concerned, the lycee Concordia is a general education school with two tracks: Sciences  and Economic sciences.

One Certification: The French Baccalaureate

As all students of the french educational system,  our students sit for the French Baccalaureate examination for each track. The national diploma is organised by the French Ministry of Education. Concerning Egypt, the examination takes place at the Lycee Francais du Caire, which is affiliated to the Rectorat/Academy of Grenoble.
At the end of the examination, every student receives an average coefficient for the total of his/her grades out of 20.
• if this average is strictly inferior to 8, the candidate is proclaimed as Failed
• if this average is superior to 8 but strictly below 10, the candidate has the right to retake two examinations of his/her choice. In this case, the candidate sits again for an oral examination. If the new average is above 10, he is accepted,  if not , he is declared failed.
•if this average is above 10 he is declared admitted:
Between 12 and 14, he receives the grade Fair
Between 14 and 16, he graduated with merit (good)
Above 16, he graduates with distinction (very good).
In France for the Baccalaureate examination of 2019,
91,1% of the  students in the general education schools graduated: 90,3% in Economic Sciences track and 91,6% in the Sciences track
Concerning Lycee Concordia,  90% of our candidates graduated: 95% in Economic Sciences and 85% in Sciences . With 23% of our students achieving merit or Distinction, lycee Concordia has again demonstrated its ability to support its students towards the elite.