In Concordia, the teaching and learning programme of English follows the basis of the Common European Framework (Reference for Languages). The framework describes comprehensively what language learners have to learn to use a language for communication and what knowledge and skills they have to develop, to become proficient in the additional language.

Our learning curriculum shows the learning journey children should take from the stage at which they are beginners in Language II to a more advanced proficiency later in their schooling. The aim of our Learning programme defines language acquisition in terms of covering the following skills:

  • Understanding (listening)

  • Understanding (reading)

  • Speaking (spoken production)

  • Speaking (spoken interaction)

  • Writing

The journey is divided into two main parts: primary (l’école primaire) and secondary (l’école secondaire) school. However, within this traditional split, the national curriculum is further divided across the school into 5 cycles:

  • Cycle 2, which runs from the cours préparatoire until CE2.

  • Cycle 3, which covers the last 2 years of the école élémentaire (CM1 and CM2) and the first year of secondary school (6ème).

  • Cycle 4, which covers the last three years of compulsory education (5ème, 4ème and 3ème).

  • Cycle terminal, which covers the three years of upper secondary school (lycée).

And now Concordia is offering English Literature as an elective subject for Baccalaure’at Professionnel

Our highly qualified teachers follow diverse strategies keeping in concern the latest methods, procedures and techniques which will provide the most effective means of achieving the objectives set for individuals and groups of learners.

We keep in mind that the content taught should be fundamentally challenging and relevant so that pupils can be engaged. We also consider that any activity should introduce, practice or reinforce new learning, recall previous learning or extend pupils’ competence.

Not only do we use reputable international schemes that include the latest language work aspects, but we also use schemes published for first language learners to be able to provide our students with the needed levels of language acquisition that will help them join respectable international universities around the world and excelling in any field they desire to study.

As well as starting to teach lessons using the latest Virtual Meet Programme that is implemented in Concordia the same minute implemented in Europe and USA.

Wishing the best to our students.

Head of the English Department

Mrs. Amira Mazhar