Qui manie la langue de Molière manie la langue de bois.

Une culture, trois langues telle a toujours été la devise de notre département “EBIS”. Notre structure a été fondée en 2015 comportant des niveaux scolaires allant du cp à la troisième (collège) et qui est dirigée par Mademoiselle Hassiba Ahmed Bensmira et son équipe pédagogique:

  • Sherine Chaker
  • Marina Barba
  • Mariam Abdelrazek
  • Dalia El Beltagy
  • Najet Ameri
  • Feriel Kacimi
  • Mirna Sami
  • Bothayna El Wakil
  • Hend Serour
  • Maria Ahmed
  • Shaima Hashem

Notre pédagogie promet un enseignement plurilingue, l’anglais comme langue de scolarité ainsi que le français comme langue de communication. Cette pédagogie de la langue française est bien innovante permettant aux élèves d’une part une ouverture sur le monde et d’autre part l’acquisition d’un niveau linguistique plus ou moins proche de celui de l’école “sœur” Concordia avec qui nous travaillons , collaborons et échangeons à travers des activités diverses .Grâce aux efforts fournis par toute l’équipe nous initions nos élèves à participer à divers évènements culturels pour ainsi maîtriser l’oral qui reste la colonne vertébrale de toute langue citant par exemple notre participation à l’IFE avec une pièce théâtrale ou on a eu le prix de la meilleure présentation. Nos compétences et profils font foi de notre projet qui est dans la bonne voie. Et dans le souci de la continuité pédagogique dans la maîtrise de la langue, et pour matérialiser les efforts, nos élèves passent régulièrement le Delf sous l’égide de l’IFE tous niveaux confondus allant du A1 Prim au B2 et les résultats des années précédentes ne n’en sont que des indicateurs concrets de ce qui a été réalisé sur le terrain comme exploits et nous n’en sommes que fières.



Hassiba Bensmira   –  Chef         du      département       de       Français

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

~ Nelson Mandela

‘One culture, three languages’ ​​has always been the motto of the French department in “EBIS”. The new French structure of our department started in 2015 covering all school levels, from Year 1 to Year 9 under the management of Miss Hassiba Ahmed Bensmira and her pedagogical team.

Our pedagogy promises plurilingual education, English as the school’s first language and French, our language of communication. The French language pedagogy is very innovative allowing students to an opening world on one hand and the acquisition of a linguistic level on the other hand, which is more or less close to the sister school Concordia where we work together, collaborate, practice and exchange thoughts and cultures through various activities. We also implement a support system in French to ensure that all our pupils acquire the language up to the required standard.

We initiate our students to participate in various cultural events with the efforts of the team in order to master the speaking skill of the French language as speaking remains the backbone of any language. In 2019 we participated in the French Cultural’s Centre, Francophonie Day with many activities where we won the prize of the best presentation. In 2017 we participated in the International Theatre Festival where EBIS represented Concordia and won the 1st place amongst the French schools. Our students French learning skills are the proof that our targets are on the right track.

And for the sake of pedagogical continuity in the mastery of the language, and to materialize the efforts, our students regularly take the Delf under the aegis of the IFE (French Cultural Centre) and the certificate is received from French Ministry of Education. Starting from A1 Prim to B2; where the results of previous years were concrete indicators of what has been achieved and as Elizabeth Warren said, “A good education is a foundation for a better future.”



Hassiba Bensmira  – Head  of  French  Department



The EBIS German Department

“The one who does not know foreign languages knows nothing of his own.”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Learning German as a second foreign language is a key feature of the Curriculum at EBIS starting from Key Stage 1/Year 1. Not only has it been found that an early start in foreign language learning will develop the linguistic competences and intercultural abilities and learning strategies of young pupils. It is fun, too. Films, audio resources, and multimedia are used regularly to enhance the curriculum taught, exposing the students to authentic materials. Therefore, the approach to learning and teaching German at our school is active, enjoyable and very successful.

The support by Goethe Institute and the PASCH initiative promotes a rising quality in learning and teaching at our German department. The “Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH) initiative creates a global network of more than 1,800 PASCH schools with particular ties to Germany. The Goethe-Institute supports around 550 PASCH schools of over 100 countries. The initiative is designed to arouse and sustain young people’s interest in and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany, German society and the German language.

The support by Goethe Institute and PASCH brings us many advantages and benefits, like

  • scholarship for students: Every summer there is the chance for students with good results in A2-Goethe-Certificate to take a scholarship for 3 weeks summer course in Germany.
    • Competition between other PASCH schools in Cairo, like debating, reading and writing.
    • Artistic activities, like singing with the PASCH choir at a big concert and workshops with German musicians.
    • Cultural projects, like learning history and visiting the historical places. Here actual: ‘The Mediterranean project’
    • Promotion of girls in STEM, like ‘Girls Day’
    • Teachers training and workshop at Goethe Institute and at German high schools to keep up with the latest teaching methods and materials.

EBIS German department are very active and engaged in PASCH/Goethe projects and Goethe Institute Cairo honored us with some prices, like the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award.

Here are some examples of our PASCH/Goethe projects & activities

Pro Girls
100 Egyptian 16-year-old school girls from PASCH schools in Cairo and Alexandria are taking part in Girls’ Day and summer internship. This professional orientation is put into practice with the support of Egyptian private sector companies engaged in STEM and management/leadership. ‘ProGirls’/Professional Orientation of Girls, is implemented jointly by the GIZ program ‘EconoWin’ – commissioned by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development- and by PASCH. Some EBIS girls received career guidance with a focus on STEM and managerial positions. They spend a summer internship at Mercedes Gas, ACT, CISCO, General Motors, Coca Cola and Juhayna,



Over Bridges and Walls

In this project, PASCH students from Egypt, Jordan, Belgium, Albania and North Macedonia exchanged ideas. The task: What do you associate with bridges and walls? What walls are there in your life or country? Which bridges have you crossed and which bridges do you want to build in the future?

EBIS team took the 1st place.  Here the winner video:


2: Ebook by the German Federal Foreign Office

With the motto „I Have a Dream“, the German Federal Foreign Office was calling on young authors all over the world to share their dreams, hopes, and wishes about the future. The work of our young EBIS authors are:

1.) page 137: The Taste of Travelling by Karim Hesham
2.) page 331: Das Wasser, der Ball und ich by Adam Moh. Shoukry
3.) page 333: Ein Traum wird wahr by Adham Aly Eldlebshany
4.) page 496: The Tree’s Speech by Dan Emad Amin
5.) page 498: The Pro Gamer by Daniel Magdy
6.) page 650: Singing Makes You Happy by Jolie Samer Samir
7.) page 886: Zeit zum Träumen by Ragy Elmandarawy

Here the ebook:


3: German Reading Competition

All PASCH schools in Egypt were competing together in reading German stories on three different levels online. We are so proud, that Ritaj Khaled Iessa achieved the 1st place in Egypt on A1 level. Congratulations! Here is her video:




4: RADIJOJO, A German children radio channel

It is the third time for EBIS to take part in a German radio program by RADIJOJO. EBIS student group met German school classes from Munich and Hamburg. They started to know each other by skype sessions. After they discussed about the Sustainable Development GOALS.

Here are the three different Radio Programs:


5: Art@home

EBIS students recreated famous Egyptian or German work of art in putting their selves in the same style and position or whatever. Check here their Art@home work:

6: Goethe Calender

Goethe Institute Cairo was calling for photos or paintings for the professional printed Goethe Calender 2021.

EBIS students were so creative:


7: PASCH net Competition about ‚human rights‘

PASCH net was calling for an International Competition about Human Rights in June 2020 for all students of PASCH schools over the world. The task: Create a digital picture story with maximum 15 pictures about the theme ‘Equal rights for all’. EBIS took part with 5 digital picture stories.

  1. By Yassin Gamal and Youmna Emad
    Children of egypt: studying or working?

In this story, students are fighting for quality education for poor children in Egypt.

  1. By Jolie Samer and Ritaj Lotfy
    The fairy-tale of ghost Eleanor in Egypt. In this story the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt is visiting Egypt to check-up the human rights. By talking to people and the parliament, Egypt is becoming a nice and happy country.
  2. By Razan Moharam
    election of class reprehensive
    Razan is showing that every students has the right to be a class reprehensive. Every student has his strengths and weakness. We have to respect this.
  3. By Dan Emad
    This story shows how a poor woman is becoming successful and happy.
  4. By Daniel Magdy and Judy Saeed
    The fairy-tale about fairness and success
    This story shows how poor people could be successful with useful help and support.

8: Invent a board game

Goethe Institute was calling for the competition: ‘Invent a board game’ and EBIS team invent a fantastic learning game. The player is travelling through Egypt and is learning a lot about culture, art and nature. Furthermore the German language will be trained in a fun way. The EBIS team by David Wael, Karim Hesham and Samuel Fady is the winner of the 1st place. The board game is produced professional by Here you will find the presentation of the board game:


9: Drawing competition by Radijojo

Radijojo was calling for a drawing competition about the SDGs, the Sustainable Development goals. The students were free to choose any of the 17 goals as a theme to create a painting. Congratulatios to Rital Saeed Abdel Mabood, Hamza Mohamed Moharam, Judy Saeed Abdel Mabood, Razan Mohamed Moharam. Please have a look on their work:


10: story competiton
Congratulation to Moezz Ahmed. He wrote a fantastic essay about ‘pollution and nature’. His writing was so excellent, that Goethe Institute published it on their PASCH blog:


11: German Choir
The German PASCH Choir is one of our famous projects. In regularly after school sessions the choir was growing. They are singing songs in German, English and Arabic. Every year in May there is a closing event – The Final Concert, where all PASCH choirs are singing together. In May 2018 EBIS had the honor to welcome the German Ambassador at our theatre for the Final PASCH Concert.

It is said that Germany is the country of poets and thinkers – Das Land der Dichter und Denker. There is definitely no denying the second part. A large percentage of the world’s most impressive achievements were first conceived of in German. So learning German is a very good choice not just from a linguistic point of view, but also in terms of economic opportunity, networking potential and cultural gain. German is a worthwhile choice.

“Everything we encounter leaves traces behind.
Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education.”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

German Department Team

  • Ms Carola Mansour, head
  • Ms Abier Ahmed Saied
  • Ms Aya Ahmed Helmi Hasan
  • Ms Malak El Guindi
  • Ms. Mona El Kadi
  • Ms. Ola Adel Ezzat Abbas Elsebai

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