Principal’s Note

I’m proud to welcome you to the school website as acting principal where I have been given the privilege of leading EBIS through the next stage of our development after gaining our British Standards Overseas (BSO) accreditation.  This is my seventh year in EBIS; throughout my time here I have seen the school rise to becoming one of the best schools in Cairo. However, even though we are an outstanding school, we are still striving to improve even further to give our students the highest quality of education.

Throughout this website you will get a feel for ethos of the school. It will give you information of the schools Senior Leadership Team along with who forms part of our Extended Management Team. All staff at EBIS has a common goal and priority and that is the children we serve. The website will show you what we teach, the opportunities and challenges that we provide, the care and guidance we give, and how all these components come together to make up the day-to-day experiences of an ordered and fulfilling school life.

We are fortunate to have an excellent relationship in the community and further afield. This is in large part to the contributions our students make outside of school and the identity they carry with them as being part of the EBIS family. We support and celebrate student success outside of school and acknowledge that these achievements contribute significantly to whole school life.

Our pastoral care running through the school is second to none and we are striving to be Egypt leaders in regards the Special Educational Needs and provision on offer at the school. All teachers are here for a specific purpose, to meet the needs of all students academically and also to support their moral, social, emotional and behavioral development.

Everything every staff member does at EBIS in centered around the well-being of EBIS students in order to give them every opportunity to succeed not just here but also to lead a successful career long after they leave EBIS in contributing positively to the community.


Rhys Redman


Our Mission

Our school aims can be summed up in five words: Enrichment; Empowerment; Excellence; Empathy and Esteem. These aims are the foundations of daily life at EBIS.


Welcome to EBIS where as an international school we place the highest of priorities on our students achieving their potential and having the tools to be able to contribute positively to what is an evolving society in Egypt. At EBIS we offer a balanced curriculum in line with British schools in order to give  students  the flexibility and skills of adaptability in order to cope with the growing demand in the world we live in today.

Five years ago, I was honoured to become the administrative manager for The International Schools Campus and proud and happy to be given the opportunity to manage such incredible schools.

During these five years EBIS and Concordia have flourished and grown at a spectacular rate, becoming well-respected providers of exceptionally high-quality educational services.

Much of this success is down to the dedication and hard work of both the highly-qualified staff and the highly motivated students.  However, the role of parents cannot be underestimated in this success and the special relationship between parents, students and both schools has created a unique and irrepressible bond which make EBIS and Concordia special.

Nothing has stopped us.  We have overcome enormous challenges and obstacles and I am certain that we shall continue to thrive and flourish and to move forward with even more determination and success in the future.

The quality and variety of resources we provide; the continuing professional development that all of our teachers participate in and the absolute belief staff have that each child is an individual with their own unique and individual needs will ensure that every child has the very best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Finally, the growth and the accomplishments that our schools have achieved are testament to the fact that they are places in which staff and students can (and do) take great pride.  EBIS and Concordia are our homes and I couldn’t be prouder of them and of their students’ achievements.


Mr. Mohamed Hassan

Head of Administration

Senior Leadership Team at EBIS

The Senior Leadership Team at EBIS is as follows:

  • Rhys Redman – Principal
  • Suzanne Halder –  Head of Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Sam El Sadaani –Head of Key Stage 1
  • Yasmine Hassan – Head of Key Stage 2 and Whole School Safeguarding Lead
  • Kevin Smith – Head of Key Stage 3
  • Yara El Tagoury – Head of Learning Support and Special Educational Needs
  • Mohamed Hassan – Head of Administration