Key Stage 3 Science at Egypt British International School

The EBIS science department aims to generate an enthusiasm for science, preparing students for an active, responsible role in an increasingly technological age. Helping students to:

  • Use scientific methods of investigation to solve problems
  • Appreciate the contribution science makes to society.
  • Understand that learning in science contributes to personal development.
  • Appreciate the powerful nature of scientific knowledge and explanation and understanding that science is always developing.

Aims and features of our schemes of work

Students in Years 7-9 are taught the British National Curriculum delivered through the International Exploring Science scheme of work and interactive teaching resources. Throughout years 7 and 8 students are assessed regularly to inform teaching and to check progress.

The Science scheme of work has been carefully formulated to ensure that students cover all the key content of the UK Science Curriculum for Key Stage 3, whilst ensuring that they are fully prepared for the international examinations they will sit in Year 9 and beyond.  All science lessons are delivered in one of our 3 fully-equipped science laboratories. Practical, hands-on activities for all students are integrated into our science curriculum to help our students engage in the subject and apply the theoretical content covered.

In Year 9, there is an increased emphasis on the integration of examination style questions to help prepare our students for the Pearson iLower Secondary Examination at the end of May.

The iLower curriculum specification provides an excellent base of knowledge from which students can progress on to IGCSE subjects.

Assessment for learning is at the heart of outstanding teaching and opportunities for reflection, self and peer assessment and target setting are a key part of learning. Our scheme of work and assessments are carefully differentiated to suit the range of leaners in our classes. In addition, our experienced science support teacher is allocated to classes and to specific groups of students to offer in class or small group support where needed.

All students have their own individual logins to the International Exploring Science platform through which they can access an interactive version of the textbook used in school as well as differentiated interactive activities to help them to check their learning.

Science Department Team

  • Elizabeth Deakin – Head of Science
  • Christin Wagih – Head of Biology
  • Hana Saeed – Head of Physics
  • Christine Samy – Chemistry Coordinator
  • Sandy Belle – Teacher of Biology
  • Angie Botross – Teacher of Chemistry
  • Nehad Ibrahim – Teacher of Physics
  • Maie Mohamed – Teacher of Chemistry and Biology
  • Noha Mohamed – Science Support Teacher