EBIS science department aims to generate an enthusiasm for science, preparing students for an active, responsible role in an increasingly technological age. Helping students to:

  • Use scientific methods of investigation to solve problems
  • Appreciate the contribution science makes to society.
  • Understand that learning in science contributes to personal development.
  • Appreciate the powerful nature of scientific knowledge and explanation and understanding that science is always developing.


We work together as a supportive team, sharing good practice to enhance learning and teaching.

The team consists of a head of Biology, Chemistry and Physics leading the subject areas. There are an additional 4 teaching staff, 1 lab technician and a curriculum support assistant.

As role models, our teachers are dedicated to creating a motivational learning environment where students are inspired to become lifelong learners.

The facilities in the school labs (3 well equipped labs) help teachers as well as students provide a positive learning atmosphere to engage students.


Year 7 and 8 students are taught the National UK science curriculum.

Year 9 students (pre IG) are taught the Cambridge core curriculum.

Year 10 and 11 (Flame) are taught the Cambridge IGCSE / AS curriculums.

Assessment for learning is at the heart of outstanding teaching and opportunities for reflection, self and peer assessment and target setting are a key part of learning.


Science students enjoy the science fair event every year. We believe that every child matters, and accordingly we have set out the vision for the future.

Our students are exposed to a wide range of knowledge in a wide range of different methods

This year we continue to reinforce and focus on having our students think critically and analytically.


Elizabeth Deakin

Head of Science

Science Department Staff List

  • Ms. Christine Attia
  • Ms. Sandy Belle
  • Ms. Angie Botross
  • Ms. Elizabeth Deakin
  • Ms. Al El Debeky
  • Ms. Nelly el Hakeem
  • Mr. Fady Henry
  • Ms. Christine Saad
  • Ms. Hana Saeed