“Sports teaches you Character, it teaches you to play by the Rules, it teaches you what it’s like to Win or Lose – It teaches you about Life”

– Billie Jean King    –

Welcome back.

After a long summer, we hope you are ready to return for a fun and exhilarating year of sports and physical activity here at EBIS.

CAMPS are back, running throughout the year, with plenty of tantalizing activities planned.

We’re hitting the BSME games as hard as we can with our excellent and amazingly gifted group of students – YOU!!! An array of competitive fixtures and tournaments have already been penciled into our calendars for us to participate in.

Your PE Program for the year consists of:

Term 1

  • KS1 Football & Tennis
  • KS2 (Yr3 & Yr4): Squash & Basketball.
  • KS2 (Yr5 & Yr6): Basketball & Football
  • KS3 (Girls): Football
  • KS3 (Boys): Cricket

Term 2

  • KS1 Sports Day Games & Basketball
  • KS2 (Yr3 & Yr4): Football & Swimming
  • KS2 (Yr5 & Yr6): Athletics & Cricket
  • KS3 (Girls): Volleyball & Squash
  • KS3 (Boys): Squash & Football

Term 3

  • KS1 Swimming
  • KS2 (Yr3 & Yr4): Athletics
  • KS2 (Yr5 & Yr6): Swimming
  • KS3 (Girls): Athletics
  • KS3 (Boys): Athletics


“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”

– Tim Notke   –

PE Department Team

  • Mr. Hany Sherif Head of PE Dept
  • Mr. Mathew Hargreaves PE teacher
  • Ms. Fatma Attiya PE teacher
  • Ms. Reem Mohamed PE teacher
  • Mr. Adrian Barrett PE teacher
  • Mr. Walid Rasmy PE teacher
  • Ms. Rania Hussain PE teacher
  1. From 25th of September till 29th of September, Falcon Trials.
  2. 2nd October, After School Club Program Starts.
  3. 27th and 28th of October, Sports Camp.
  4. 18th November, U13 Boys Football @BISC.
  5. 25th November, U13 Boys Volleyball @BISC.
  6. 25thNovember, U13 Girls Football @BISC.
  7. 15th December, After School Club Program Ends for Term 1.
  8. From 19th of January till 22nd of January, U13 BSME Games Dubai.
  9. 20th January, U16 Boys Volleyball @BISC.
  10. 3rd February, U11 Boys Football @MES.
  11. 9th February, Year 6 A, B and C Sports Camp.
  12. 10th February, Year 6 A, B and C Sports Camp.
  13. 10th February, U11 Boys Basketball @BISC.
  14. 10th February, U11 Girls Football @BISC.
  15. 14th February, KS1 Sports Day.
  16. 16th February, Year 6 D and E Sports Camp.
  17. 17th February, Year 6 D and E Sports Camp.
  18. 26th February, Swimming Block Starts for both Yr3 and Yr4.
  19. 2nd March, Year 5 A, B and C Sports Camp.
  20. 3rd March, Year 5 A, B and C Sports Camp.
  21. 9th March, Year 5 D and E Sports Camp.
  22. 10th March, Year 5 D and E Sports Camp.
  23. From 2nd of March till 5th of March, U11 BSME Games Abu Dhabi.
  24. 13th and 14th of March, KS2 Sports Day.
  25. 21st and 22nd of March, EYFS Sports Day.
  26. 30th April, Swimming Block Starts for both Yr5 and Yr6.