Welcome to the EBIS Physical Education Department!

The department consists of ten teachers of PE working within Key stages foundation to key stage 4 and additional contributions from two staff within IG delivering a game based enrichment programme to Year 10. Elective PE lessons are given to year 11 and 12 and these are also supervised by the two staff in IG. There is also a newly appointed PE Support Teacher who works with SEN groups and provides PE teaching staff with support where necessary.

All key stages follow the English National Curriculum for PE. In addition to delivery of Core Physical Education across all key stages the department is also responsible for the delivery of IGCSE PE that started in October 2013. The core Physical Education curriculum includes the following for EYFS and Primary school:

  • Mastering basic movements (E.g. Running, jumping, throwing and catching)
  • Development of balance, agility and co-ordination
  • Participate/compete in team games (E.g. Football, Handball, fun games)
  • Perform dances using simple dance techniques
  • Develop flexibility. Strength, technique, control and balance (E.g. Athletics and Gymnastics)
  • Participate in outdoor adventurous activities (E.g. Orienteering)
  • Compare performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement

For secondary school, the Physical Education curriculum includes:

  • Overcoming an opponent (E.g. Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rounders, Rugby and Tennis)
  • Development of technique and improvement of performance (E.g. Athletics and Gymnastics)
  • Perform dances using advanced dance techniques
  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities (E.g. Orienteering, team building, problem solving)
  • Analysis of performance and demonstration of improvement
  • Participation in competitive sports

The department has an extensive extra-curricular programme which was introduced in November 2013 solely provided by the department staff. These clubs are offered to all students from Nursery to KS3. Activities regularly offered include Football, Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Basketball and Gymnastics.

Physical Education has a unique contribution to make to the overall development of the students in terms of their personal, social, emotional and physical attributes.

Students should experience a Physical Education Curriculum which continually stresses the true value of sporting involvement and physical activity:

  • In developing positive attitudes, encouraging a sense of responsibility to oneself and others as individuals, whilst generating a sense of fairness, honest involvement and good behaviour
  • In ensuring safe participation, recognising and following relevant rules, laws, codes, etiquette and safety procedures for different activities
  • In promoting health and positive lifestyles through artistic expression and physical activity, this being of equal importance at all levels of ability

Based around three key qualities the EBIS PE mission statement is as follows:

i    Participation         ii     Performance        iii High Quality

“At EBIS and within the department of PE we aim to realise every pupils potential. Specifically we feel that this is possible with a commitment to participation and performance and with an emphasis on maintaining a high quality in everything we do”

“Within the PE department we have a shared focus on delivering high quality lessons with clearly communicated objectives that form part of a balanced and interesting curriculum suited to the pupils we teach. The whole faculty has a commitment to both curricular and extra-curricular activities that will help motivate, stretch and provide pupils with opportunities to raise their own self-esteem and contribute to raising the profile of EBIS within the wider community”

The department of Physical Education has a number of clear commitments:

  • To encourage an intrinsic enjoyment of Physical Activity and Sport.
  • To strive to raise the standard of physical education and sport for all our students
  • To promote individuality and creativity.
  • To continually extend both our department and teaching to benefit the students within the wider community.
  • To increase participation and attainment in physical education within the whole spectrum of curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To help today’s young people develop into adults with a lifetime commitment to sport and physical activity.
  • To provide pathways of extended study (certificated) that promote the qualities and aims above – and also to provide stepping stones to further and higher education studies.

PE Department Team

  • Ms. Fatma Ahmed
  • Mr. Ahmed Ashraf
  • Ms. Fatma Atia Kareem Mansour Hashem
  • Mr. Mohamed Bahlool
  • Mr. Adrian Barrett
  • Mr. Tarek Fouad
  • Ms. Rania Khalil
  • Mr. Walid Rasmy
  • Mr. Hany Sherif