The EBIS Art Department

Seeing is perhaps the most stimulating sense of all. When we teach children to draw, we teach them to see. The Art Department aims to develop students’ observation skills using a wide range of media. We believe that by doing so, we will both enrich their lives and help them to achieve success. They will develop imagination, creativity and confidence, in addition to an awareness of personal and social heritage.

We consider it important that students should be made aware of Egyptian and other cultures, to help foster understanding and respect. We aim to develop inquisitive minds and eyes that constantly question and revaluate the world they encounter. How sad it would be if we went through life without noticing the beauty of a sunset or a gnarled and twisted piece of driftwood.

In Key Stage 1 & 2; the early years, students investigate and create Artwork in 2 and 3 dimensional media.

In Key Stage 3 the aim is to introduce students to more advanced techniques and approaches that will pave the way for them to pursue possible future exams and careers in the subject.

At KS 4 Students will follow courses laid down by international exam standards where they will develop a more personal response and extend their knowledge through studying a variety of sources, approaches, techniques, cultures and styles.

At all Key Stage Levels the department aims to stimulate, encourage and develop: –

An interest in and a critical awareness of, environments and cultures

An ability to identify and solve problems in visual and tactile form

Confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in practicing art and design

The ability to record from direct observation and personal experience

A knowledge and working vocabulary relevant to the subject

Experimentation and innovation through inventive use of materials and techniques.

Students should be able to:

  • impress with personal vision and commitment, make purposeful movement towards maturity
  • research appropriate resources
  • assess a design problem and arrive at an appropriate solution
  • show the development of ideas in series of rough layouts or experiments which lead to a final solution.


In Key Stages 1-4, students will be expected to devote time to art homework. This will usually take the form of research and development relevant to their current class work. This will appear on the ‘Show my homework’ website regularly. Parents are encouraged to make use of this resource in order to keep track of their son’s/daughter’s progress, work load and commitment etc.

Kevin Boddington

Head of Art

Art Department Team

  • Mr. Kevin Boddington
  • Ms. Hadeer El Manharawy
  • Ms. Radwa Elshedy
  • Mr. Mohamed Essam El-Sakka
  • Ms. Hend Haggag
  • Ms. Salwa Ibrahim
  • Ms. Rowan Mohamed Reyad
  • Ms. Sara Saleh
  • Ms. Dina Wahdan