I am proud to welcome you all to the Primary section of EBIS which is probably now the largest Primary School in Cairo! As the newly appointed Head of Primary I want to emphasize just how fortunate we are to have such a strong team for 2018/19. It’s always been my belief throughout a thirty year career with seventeen spent as Headteacher , that we are all leaders whether we be teachers, co-teachers, office staff or indeed anyone working in school that we all have an equally important part to play to every child’s education here at EBIS by working collaboratively with a common set of principles and language for learning that we will continue to share and develop on a day to day basis.

We are committed at EBIS to placing the child at the heart of all we do via a curriculum that will not only provide the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning but also the ability to make good choices about learning , develop positive relationships with others including empathy and other key skills to cope with the demands of the twenty-first century including adaptability , tolerance and mutual respect. This year we will also be introducing Global Studies to the primary curriculum to help further raise children’s awareness of global citizenship and the importance of understanding and appreciating other cultures, traditions and beliefs and to respect the rights of others .

Our parents and community are key partners in this process and we are committed to working together to further improve links with home and school to promote and sustain a strong sense of community and to celebrate learning in partnership. We are also, as a school, committed to inclusion to ensure that all children make good progress regardless of their start points and that the individuality of each and every child is promoted via enrichment and personalisation of the curriculum.

I am totally committed at EBIS to helping to create a climate for learning that values the contributions of everyone in a mutally supportive way. To this end, we have further strengthened the leadership in the Primary section with the promotion of Ms. Sam El Sadanany and Ms. Yasmine Hassan to Deputy Heads of Primary and respective Heads of Key Stage One and Two. We also have newly appointed Heads of the year who will play a pivotal role in supporting all staff with every aspect of teaching and learning but particularly to ensure that there consistency in the judgements that we are making about each child’s progress . I am sure you will join with me in wishing them every success in their new roles. With even further support available from other key whole school leadership positions including a Head of Teaching and learning , Head of Assessment, Head of Pastoral and Head  of Learning support  this promises to be another very exciting year in the development and growth of EBIS.


Mike Bainbridge

Head of Primary