The EBIS Music Department


“Music is a tender body whose conscience is the soul and whose heart is the intellect” ( Egyptian composer Sayed Darwish)

Music has an important place in the curriculum at EBIS. Musical education, therefore, begins in Early Years Foundation Stage and continues every year, until the end of Year 9, allowing students to develop an appreciation and love for music whilst honing their musical skills.

Children are introduced to music and its various aspects through playing instruments, singing, dancing, creating and active listening. Each child also has the opportunity to begin to play simple musical instruments and through a very practical approach begin to understand fundamental aspects of music such as rhythm and harmony.

All pupils are encouraged to participate in instrumental and choral activities which rehearse at lunch time and after school.  Among the many music clubs on offer, we are particularly proud of the school Choir.  The EBIS Choir has an impressive number of selected talented singers, both boys and girls. Other extra-curricular groups include different clubs: Percussion, Boomwhackers, Recorder, Keyboard, Guitar and Singing. There is also a German Choir for selected students, where two departments – Music and German, are working together, giving the students an opportunity to learn German language through singing. Performances take place in our beautiful school theatre and other venues.

A dedicated team of highly experienced music teachers deliver music lessons to pupils throughout the school.  There are numerous opportunities for pupils to perform, ranging from small informal recitals and school assemblies to whole-school concerts, musicals and talent shows.

EBIS Music department follows the new Model Music Curriculum (published in March 2021)

Model Music Curriculum

 ‘Music makes a kind of liquid link between the study of languages, literature and the other arts, history, and the sciences – joining them together in the outer world of feelings and relationships and the inner world of the imagination.’ (Dr Robin Holloway, composer)

Nada Popovic

Head of Music

Music Department Team

  • Ms. Asmaa Kandel – EYFS/KS1 Music teacher
  • Ms. Aya Essam – Co-teacher
  • Sherihan Taha – KS1/KS2 Music teacher
  • Ms. Samar EL Banna – Co-teacher
  • Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim – KS3 Music teacher
  • Ms. Shaimaa El Shabra – Co-teacher
  • Ms. Nada Popovic – Head of Music Department/Music teacher

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