Welcome to EBIS!
The International Schools Campus ‘ISC’ first opened its doors in September 2006. The unique and global style of the school has proven popular and attractive to a wide variety of families in the area. Today, our enrolment comprises approximately 4000 students in the two schools on site.

The International Schools Campus ‘ISC’ aims to provide a broad, balanced and tailored British Education for students from Nursery to Yr.12, delivered by a combination of qualified and experienced teachers.

The British National Curriculum is followed with an international perspective appropriate to our Students` culture and heritage. The diversity of the student body is not only respected but cherished and celebrated.


EBIS Mission Statement & Philosophy
Enriching – Exploring – Excelling

Egypt British International School is a high quality educational institution having established a reputation for excellence. EBIS implements a high quality programme operating in accordance with the best international educational standards, while reflecting Egypt’s cultural values and heritage.

We enrich all our students carefully considering their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Each and every student is valued and highly respected for what they are. Students are encouraged to explore their potential and enhance their talents to meet with the expectations of the modern world.

Our curriculum is delivered by a team of professional, experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers. The campus is designed to facilitate various extracurricular activities aimed to reach the athlete and the artist within your child.

We welcome you as co-educators in the lives of your own children.

EBIS Objectives

As a school, EBIS aims to develop and maintain a safe, pleasant and confident learning environment through these objectives:
We Aim to:

  • Offer a high quality programme of education, by maintaining the principles of teaching and learning reflected in the British National Curriculum.
  • Sustain a home-school partnership, working closely together to ensure clear communication and mutual support, the goal of which is your children`s development and the realisation of their potentials.
  • Encourage and celebrate achievement of all kinds.
  • Value our community, our families, our environment and ourselves.
  • Support our pupils in acknowledging the importance of maintaining a healthy & balanced life-style.
  • Enhance the students’ character, sense of identify and self – worth.
  • Ensure the safety of pupils at all times.
  • Meet the needs of each student in an appropriate setting, providing an environment in which to explore creatively, express freely and learn continually.

EBIS Core Values:

At EBIS we apply high standards of best practice to all aspects of learning, tailoring the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each unique child, to enrich their academic and social development.

As life long learners, students will be empowered to develop their skills and confidence to become successful individuals in their pursuit of knowledge.

We acknowledge our responsibility to support the values of self-worth, respect and discipline. Our students are provided with opportunities to enhance and develop self-esteem, empathy and integrity.

We provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed to explore themselves and the world around them. We empower our teachers, students and staff with the confidence and support which enables them to enjoy everything they do.

Our students have experienced strong bonds of friendship and a sense of belonging to the school, where they have been taught to respect and appreciate their differences as well as their similarities.