scologoTell me, and I forget

Teach me, and I may remember

Involve me, and I learn

Benjamin Franklin


Welcome to the Student Council Organization ‘SCO’!

ISC Student Council Organization ‘SCO’ is your point of connection for the full spectrum of involvement at Our School.  You can connect with leadership initiatives, engage with our student organizations, advance your learning, and create lasting memories.
Experiences from across campus are promoted or housed within the Council to fully meet the needs of all students at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.  The Council offers programs, resources, and services for individuals and student groups to help you take the next step in your membership, leadership, and citizenship.

For students looking forward to getting involved, this is a great place to start!  Set up a meeting with a staff member or catch up with friends in the Student Lounge.

ISC Student Council Organization ‘SCO’ is a vital part of the ISC Educational System and a significant part of every School day. Emphasizing on the awareness of `life skills` through real-life practices, the Student Council Organization is a student-led community that empowers students to take charge of everyday Life while carefully considering the various opportunities for emotional, social, and moral growth.

The SCO provides students with opportunities to learn through hands-on experience. The SCO helps students develop skills in leadership, decision making, communication, goal setting, fiscal management, marketing and promotion, organization, and time management.

The SCO also supports students in advancing their academic, professional & managerial skills in a variety of academic and non-academic activities. These include peer tutoring, planning for activities and social events; organizing community service projects; and being involved in the school tabloid and school yearbook.

The SCO helps Students:

  • Endorse high social, ethical, and moral values.
  • Become dynamic and useful members of a society.
  • Develop academic, professional, managerial, and leadership skills.
  • Obtain and refine the attitudes that give them an edge in college and throughout life.
  • Become involved in diverse student-led activities.

Get involved in one of our committees from the following:


Journalism Committee
The Dear Committee
Photographing Committee
School Uniform Committee
Discipline Committee
Trips & Activities Committee
Health & Awareness Committee
Maintenance Committee
Crises Management Committee
Peer Tutoring Committee