It is my pleasure to welcome all our students and parents to Key Stage 4 (or as we know it FLAME!).

We at EBIS understand that choosing the right school for your child is an integral part of their success in their social and academic lives. FLAME is designed to reflect a true genuine KS4 in the UK where subjects are taught over two years, giving students the time and the opportunity to build a love for the subject and an in-depth knowledge that helps students achieve the highest grades.

As important as it is for us as passionate educators to understand that achieving high grades are important for students to get into the university of their choice, it is important for parents to understand that high school is not a race, most students graduate at the same time anyways; there are no shortcuts or quick fixes, just a genuine focus on good quality lessons that enable students to actually enjoy learning and time spent in school.

And because there’s more to learning than exam grades, in FLAME we offer a range of academic field trips, work placement programs and enrichment programs, carefully designed to complement your child’s academic studies by providing an additional way of learning outside of a classroom setting, giving them a chance to learn from professionals in various fields and develop their interpersonal skills, so that they can be well rounded happy individuals, ready to get out in the real world, continue with further higher education and get a head start on their careers.

I cordially invite you to contact us with any questions, even better; please pay us a visit so that you can understand more about what FLAME has to offer to cater for the specific needs of your child.


Ms. Reham Fikry

Deputy Head of KS4