It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to KS4-5 IGCSE which is the last station of education in The Egypt British International School academic program providing the highest quality British education.

We are excited to share with all parents and students, EBIS 15 years of experience in education, success and achievements.
We have to admit that EBIS was extremely fortunate with the quality and motivation of our secondary school students which resulted in their recognition for 14 years in a sequence by CAMBRIDGE, PEARSON and OXFORD as top in the world, top in region and top in the country achievers .

We believe in cooperative learning and inriching inner skills.
cooperative learning is one of the most universal teaching strategies. It empowers students to work together and gives teachers a chance to deliver targets. A popular article from Theory into Practice details five essential aspects of cooperative learning:

-Positive interdependence: Each group member is valuable
-Promotive interaction: Students must empower each other
-Accountability: Students accept responsibility for their roles
-Soft skills instruction: Lessons and activities about teamwork
-Group processing: Group should use strategies on how to meet their goals

We highly invest in our students by encouraging them to seek and develop their talents in various areas of curricula and co-curricular programs through embracing arts and sports. We simply work with passion from our hearts and exert all what is needed as one body from teachers administrators to bodies of accreditation to produce and develop young leaders engaged positively to the community sharing their education, knowledge and unique developed abilities as Resilience, Self-Awareness, Open Mindedness, Kindness, Collaboration, Risk Taking, Curiosity, Ambition, Independence & Integrity.


Warmest Regards

Ghada Barsoum

KS4-5 IGCSE Head & Career Counselor