Dear Parents

Welcome to the Egypt British International School. I am pleased to welcome you to the Key stage 2 department. It is my absolute pleasure to be the Key Stage head this year. As a department, we are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves Key Stage 2 with high aspirations, an enduring enthusiasm for learning and the confidence to address the world as independent thinkers.

We teach key skills and knowledge that leads to understanding and develops the confidence to succeed.

We are committed to providing a caring, happy, welcoming environment that meets the needs of each child and ensures that all children have equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We set high standards in every area of school life. Learning is stimulating and uses the latest technologies. There are many activities beyond the classroom, to involve your child further in the life of the school.

We develop in children a desire for life-long learning and an understanding of different cultures, traditions and societies and a respect that individual rights and responsibilities are met.

Our learning community is facilitated by a leadership structure which clearly communicates the purpose and direction of the school, and a system of informed continuous professional development. Our professional staff team actively seeks to take up opportunities to further their own knowledge and skills.

We are committed to inclusion, believing that every child has the right to succeed. We take ownership of the responsibility to ensure that any barriers to learning are overcome and that all children experience success.

Our parents and community are key partners and we are committed to working together to sustain a strong sense of community, promote educational achievement, raise children’s self-esteem and a sense of pride in every individual.

Your child’s education is of total importance to me and I will make every effort to set out a wide ranging curriculum that will set them up for success in their later lives. You will be given lots of information to help you be a part of your child’s progress, starting with this handbook. A partnership between us based on excellent communication and collaboration is the foundation of a child’s future success.

I wish your children every success in the coming year.

Yasmin Hassan

Head of Key Stage 2

The beginning of a new school year, like the drawing of a new day, reminds us that the future holds infinite possibilities. I know that our students can full fill their full potential because we have an amazing team that believes in the promise of educational excellence. I look forward to a year filled with stories of great success and great learning. We are ready for the exciting task of preparing all students to be successful learners.

(Lina Adel – Head of Year Three)


I would like to share with you the excitement of the new academic year of 2019. I believe that in order to effectively teach our students, we must know as much about them as possible. Therefore, I am very honoured to be leading a strong helpful team, who look forward to getting to know all our students. Each student in our classrooms is an individual with their own beliefs, ideas, and feelings. Our teaching will be tailored to each student’s preferred ways of learning so that they can all achieve to the best of their ability.

(Gehane El Etreby – Head of Year Four)


I am delighted and honoured to introduce myself as the Head of Year6. I joined EBIS nine years ago and for me, EBIS is my second family. I am always supported by a great team of teachers in Key stage two. My role as a head of year 6 is to play an integral part of the students’ future by leaving a lasting imprint on their hearts and in their minds.

As I concentrate on test scores and skill levels, I keep reminding myself of the greatest calling with children: To grace them with potential and promise, for one statement to a child can change the course of a child’s life.

(Marianne Shakour – Head of Year Six)

Key Stage Two Staff List

Year 3

  • Ms. Rusel Alas – Teacher
  • Ms. Aya Gamal – Teacher
  • Ms. Samah Hassan – Teacher
  • Ms. Mona Hosni – Teacher
  • Ms. Lina Shokry – Teacher
  • Ms. Soha Abdel Azim – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Heba Ahmed Mohamed Hamza – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Marwa Emam – Co-Teacher
  • Mr. Juliet Jaouni – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Reham Shehata – Co-Teacher

Year 4

  • Ms. Gehane El Etreby – Teacher
  • Ms. Laila El Kouny – Teacher
  • Ms. Sara el Kurdi – Teacher
  • Ms. Mennatallah Ghanem – Teacher
  • Ms. Nadia Sabra – Teacher
  • Ms. Soha Sadek – Teacher
  • Ms. Randa Amr – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Christina Christina Youssry Ayad – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Yasmin Hamdy Saadallah – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Amal Hany Zaghloul Moustafa Abdelwahab – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Nada Kamal – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Nihal Kamel – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Sherry (Sharehan) Salem – Co-Teacher

Year 5

  • Ms. Heba Bassioni – Teacher
  • Ms. Lamia El Badry – Teacher
  • Ms. Marwah El Kalban – Teacher
  • Ms. Yossra Hamza – Teacher
  • Ms. Passent Razek – Teacher
  • Ms. Rana Sherif Eldars – Teacher
  • Ms. Reham El Khouly – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Dina Kandil – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Engy Kandil – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Omnia Mohamed – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Noura Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ali – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Rana Mohamed Kamaleldeen Bayomi Megahed – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Rehab Sultan – Co-Teacher

Year 6

  • Mr. Yves Joli – Teacher
  • Ms. Amira Saad – Teacher
  • Ms. Hoda Said – Teacher
  • Ms. Marianne Shakour – Teacher
  • Ms. Mai Abdel Azim – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Sevien Ahmed Radwan – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Monica Medhat – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Omnia Mohamed Mohamed – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Samar Zaki – Co-Teacher

Key Stage 2 Behaviour Policy

Key Stage 2 Policy

Key Stage 2 Display Policy

Key Stage 2 Rewards and sanctions Policy

The purpose of this policy document is to define the principles and aims of the development of goodconduct in the EBIS Foundation Stage Department and to provide a framework.

KS2 Pupil Handbook