Welcome to Key Stage One / EBIS

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to our Key Stage One Department at EBIS. It is our aim to always strive for academic attainment and personal wellbeing, for creating a supportive and inclusive community whilst also celebrating individual successes.

Our purpose as educators is to encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits. From an early age, we encourage pupils to be dynamically intellectual, culturally creatively and develop independence.

The success of a student cannot be measured only by their academic success alone, but also by the development of their social and interpersonal skills and contribution to school life.

Here in KS1 our students are individuals with potential, unique strengths and interests and I believe that it is our duty as educators to add value to each student by helping them achieve academic success and the joy of learning in an inclusive community in which all our students, parents and staff feel challenged, valued and successful.

In KS1we put all our effort into fostering a caring but disciplined environment in which your children will have the best chance to learn and develop as individuals. You can be confident that the National Curriculum will be delivered effectively without losing all the other benefits of school, both curricular and extra-curricular.

As the Head of Key Stage One, I am deeply committed to ensuring students are given every opportunity to experience exceptional learning opportunities in enabling environments – safe, happy, challenged and successful. Pupils, staff and parents feeling proud of their efforts and achievements are key drivers for me professionally. Inspiring others to drive forward to reach their goals, never giving up when faced with challenge, is for me what lifelong learning and education are all about.

I very much look forward to working in partnership with you.


Mrs. Sam El Saadani
Head of Key Stage 1

Key Stage One Staff List

KS1 Management

  • Sam El Saadani – Head of KS1
  • Shaimaa El Hariry – KS1 Head Assistant – KS1 Pastoral Manager

Year 1

  • Ms. Yousra Said – Head Year  & Teacher
  • Ms. Camillia Zahery – Teacher
  • Ms. Farah El Sabban – Teacher
  • Ms. Mariam El Hadad – Teacher
  • Ms. Catriona Patton – Teacher
  • Ms. Aya Kamal – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Nour  Hosny – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Nermeen Mohamed – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Mennaallah Fouad – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Noha Nabil – Co-Teacher

Year 2

  • Ms. Christine Daoud – Head Year  & Teacher
  • Ms. Rasha Said – Teacher
  • Ms. Rawan Khaled – Teacher
  • Ms. Azza Sultan – Teacher
  • Ms. Marwa Anwar – PhonicsTeacher /Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Noura Alyafi – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Samar Maged – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Neimatallah Hosni – Co-Teacher
  • Ms. Rania Imam – Co-Teacher

Behaviour Policy

Remote Learning Online Etiquette and Expectations.pdf

Uniform Policy

Key Stage One Handbook 2020 2021

Reading Planet Online Guide

Home Learning Activities 2020-2021

Remote Learning 5th of April 2021 to 15th of April 2021

Year 1 Home Learning Activities

Home Reading Programme Reading Planet Online

Year 2 Home Learning Activities



KS1 Healthy Eating Cart Items and Price List

KS1 Healthy Eating Cart Letter

KS1 Uniform Inspection Letter

KS1 Events Calandar Autumn 2018

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